A Tour To Cartagena, Port In Colombia

Cartagena is the port city located near the coast in Colombia. The climate is tropical. The city is a popular beach destination. The city and its neighborhood offer vibrant nightlife and delicious food. It’s a good place to enjoy a vacation with friends and family.

  • Castillo San Felipe de Barajas – the place worth your time

It is a castle located on the hill. It was built during the colonial era. It was initially recognized as the Castillo de San Lázaro. There is a short video available inside which will provide some historical content. From the top, the entire city is visible and it looks fabulous.

  • Rosario Islands – the vibrant attraction

The beautiful place is one of the 46 natural national parks of Cartagena Colombia. There are various activities like fishing, swimming, etc. which the adventurous people would love to do. The environment is kept without pollution and vacationers can see and enjoy aquatic animals as well. A pleasant place. Not to miss.

  • Palace of Inquisition – know the culture

It is a museum showcasing chronological artifacts. It is also known as the Inquisition Palace. It provides imperative information about history and modern society. Auto guides are available for better clarity. A must look if you are a history lover.

  • Plaza Santo Domingo – the food lovers’ point

The wonderful place offers great restaurants, bars, vendors and cafes. The food is a delight and the nightlife is amazing. A great place to go with friends and take pictures.  A vibrant and historic area.

  • Iglesia de San Pedro Claver, Cartagena – a religious stop

This age-old church is located in Plaza de San Pedro Claver situated in Columbia. It is the part of a set of religious buildings that has been complemented by Cloister of San Pedro Claver and the archaeological museum. Originally it was called as the church of San Juan de Dios.

  • Las Bóvedas – the astonishing structure

The Vaults are located in the Old city of Cartagena. One can see the Caribbean Sea from the top of the structure. The arcades deep in the walls were made for storage purpose, but later during civil wars in the 19th century they started being used as prison cells.