Berlin: Experience The Blend Of History And Modernity

Berlin is the capital of Germany and is known best for its historical and geographic attractions. It’s a city from the 13th century and has seen the Cold War and the Holocaust. Apart from this, it also has an artistic and cultural history.

I visited this brilliant city in the month of May and stayed till the end of June. I was lucky to be present for the Carnival of Cultures in May also for the Berlin Pride Celebration and Bier festival in June. These include parades and music and a time of enjoyment. If one visits in Nov /Dec, they may get to see the Christmas Market and the New Year’s Celebrations.

Places to visit

I visited the Brandenburg Gate, which is the one point of unification that keeps the days of the Cold War in one’s memories. The Berlin Wall is a disposition of art, graffiti, and a museum. A part of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery is a must visit.

Another art museum is the Museum Island, which is also a cathedral. Along with this French cathedral was visited, which is another historic monument.

I also visited the Frensehturm which is a tall tower from 1969 with a revolving restaurant and a viewing gallery that has one of the most thrilling and fascinating scenery.

How to move around?

Mode of transport around here is very simple; either take a car or a train. Some places are also in walking distances, so I made sure that I took to exploring the streets of Berlin on foot as much as I could too.

The budget doesn’t have to be too high, but a decent amount of money will have to be spent on flights to the city depending on the airlines you choose. The rate of currency is high, so make sure that you exchange at a good rate and spend wisely.

So plan, visit and if you are a history lover, you don’t want to miss this city. Come and lose yourself in the wonderful, old and yet so young city of Berlin.