The best places to visit when you are “down under” aka…Australia

There are several places to visit Australia, which is one of the largest island continents of the world. You will want to explore the Land Down Under as well as check out sights and sounds in the different cities of the country. You can revel in the sun kissed beaches or the natural hiking trails and national parks that are located around the Australia countryside. 


This is the capital city of Southern Australia and is the fifth largest city in the country. The city has a population of about 1.2 million. Located by the Gulf St Vincent and the rolling hills of Adelaide, it is a popular place to visit in this country.


This city lies by the coastline of the Northern Territory. It is deemed to be an international city which was destroyed in the WWII and rebuilt again.


This capital city of the New South Wales region is on the southeastern coast. The city has a scenic harbor as well as iconic landmarks like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House and several parks and museums of the rich wildlife to be found in the region.


This capital city of Queensland State is known to be the third largest in the country. The city offers several iconic landmarks to check out and has a warm, tropical climate through the year that makes it a popular place to visit for both domestic as well as international visitors.


This city of Australia is the capital of the Victoria state. It is located in the Port Phillip Bay area where there are several scenic places to visit. It is known to have fine dining places as well as shopping and sports venues to check out.


This is the fourth largest city located in the western part of the continent. Perth is by the southwestern coastline of the county and has a unique culture and youthful atmosphere that makes it fun loving and popular.


This place features the Great Barrier Reef as well as being a stylish and provincial city. The tropical climate and richness of wildlife makes this city one of the popular coastal destinations in the country.