Live The Sun, Sand And Good Life in Lisbon

The capital city of Portugal is a treasure filled with culture and wonderful places to eat stay and party. The best part? All of this is comparatively very cheap! Cobbled streets, ancient ruins, tiles in pink, mint and indigo and beautiful cathedrals will give you many picture perfect moments.

Let’s begin with the part I loved about Lisbon – tram rides. The number 28 submarine offers the chance to see many of the city’s attractions. If you board the tram at Campo de Ourique, there is a great chance of you getting a seat. You can spot the Baroque architecture in Estrela; and at San Bento the parliament quarters; and the historic buildings at the Alfama (the only district to have survived the 1755 earthquake which destroyed most of the Portuguese capital) during this ride. When in Lisbon, do try a glass of white port and tonic, which is served everywhere around the city. Other things to be tried are a fish supper as the Atlantic provides wonderful ingredients to the city’s restaurants. 

The MAAT museum showcases the works of contemporary artists and designer. Although, Lisbon’s art is not just restricted to the walls of museums and galleries. The whitewashed buildings act as a canvas for the local graffiti artists.

The golden sands of the beaches of Lisbon are not a thing to miss. One car strolls along the coast and watch the beautiful waves of the Atlantic. The Boca do Inferno Cave is another tourist spot in the city. Lisbon is a great experience and one should definitely add it to the travel check list.

To reach Lisbon

Lisbon is well connected via flights from major cities across the world. Alternatively, the strong intra continental flight network to Lisbon from major European cities also makes it easily reachable. If you are traveling from Europe, you can choose rail as the most convenient option.