Looking For An Amazing Holiday Location? Edinburgh Is Here

Edinburgh is a capital of Scotland, a mind numbing beauty with lavish heritage was enough to make me fall in love with it. The old houses from medieval times and magnificent surroundings add to its grandeur. The culture and festivals attract tourist the most. Edinburgh has many traditional theatres and galleries acts like a magnet to pull travelers and artists towards it. I had enjoyed every inch of this place and never wanted this trip to end. This place added amazing experience in the journal of my life.

Places to visit

Edinburgh Castle – this 11th century castle flashed the history and stories of legends in front of my eyes as I was exploring it. The old rock monument was so perfectly designed and planned, even though the technology and facilities were less, it was mind blowing. As I kept on walking I could feel the significance of their life and culture. They managed everything and tried to preserve as much as old spaces and specimens possible as they could. It was necessary to make people understand the diversity and depth of the topic its history and their hard-work. It also contains a museum with well-preserved crown jewels and the national war museum of Scotland.

The old town is the heart of the city with century old buildings still standing strong on the land of Edinburgh’s extinct volcano. The narrow alleys and busy markets have their own joy and positive environment, which pulled me in, in its festivity and warmth.

Holyrood Palace is the 16th century palace of the Stuarts, which gives the royal and the leisured tour experience, their halls, rooms showcasing their way of living and their culture. Most important part of this palace is the antiques and relics stored and preserved. I have had an amazing time while visiting all the places and the city, knowing the people and their culture. It is that pretty memory which I can never forget.

How to reach Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, being the capital city of Scotland is easily accessible via flights. It is recommended that you spend at least 3-4 days exploring the place.