Masatepe: This City Is A Breather For Those Who Explore New

Masatepe falls under Nicaragua’s department of Masaya. It is situated on a plateau. This plateau made of villages is around 50 kilometers away from the main Managua city.

It is not a very common tourist place because of the lack of information about the place. But the people who have visited Masatepe always praise the place for its calm and colorful surroundings that has a very social and cultural life. The Pan-America Highway from Managua towards Rivas will lead you directly into the beautiful city of Masatepe.

The origin of this city is unknown as it was established by the natives if the Malaspina region when there were no official date records kept. The original settlers of the town are dirianes, a tribe which lives in the Masaya department. Since this place was once heavily populated by deer, this name was chosen, as it literally translates to ‘deer place’. The only information we have about the formation of the city is that from more than over 250 years ago, it was on a developing ladder. It flourished at a faster pace that had more than a thousand agricultural farms and houses. The amazing fact is that the structures were entirely made of mere straw.

Presently, a number of small businesses and carpentry workshops are flourishing all over the city. This city is a great place for new opportunities. The restaurants and public services mostly perform for their local residents in contrast to other places in the country which serve mostly to tourists and elite upper-class people. But there are some remarkable places for tourists in the city. The Masaya Volcano Park with an active volcano is quite famous. Iglesia San Juan Bautista is a common sight-seeing location among many tourists; the church is furnished with a bright interior with facade yellow walls as its exterior. We enjoyed extremely well here.

On an average, a stay with any local host would cost you approximately $20 per night.