Prague: The Classy City Is Just Getting Better

Did you just decide to backpack to Prague? It is definitely worth the time and money; one of the most beautiful places that has recently been on a boost for being the desired place to travel.

Why Prague?

Prague for me is something like a fairy tale filled with seemingly never ending maze sort of curiosity that keeps on building as you discover the beautiful scenery painted with the most beautiful elements that are desired, embellished with history, culture and positive vibes. Prague is definitely one of the most affordable places, but as always only till the point you know how, when and where to expand.

Places to visit in Prague

Few of the places that can be visited are the Old town bridge tower along with the old town hall or simply walking free cost along the Charles Bridge, explore Lena Park, check out the astronomical clock or go to some museum.


Accommodations are not overboard expensive, but make sure to expect a simple hostel dorm bed to cost around $10 while hotels with about three star rating usually can go to $90USD and a five star as high as $250 USD.

The relative proximity of almost all the neighborhood is one of the best things here. This is not a big city, but mostly all the areas here are very well framed and connected. We personally love the tram as a transport due to the affordability along with the vibes it brings along with the ride. They cover almost all the places where in the last ride are usually around midnight and are replaced by smaller and slower night trams. Prague also has metro systems which are efficient yet cheap.

Since food can be a major expense, you can even cook for yourself considering the factor that groceries are pretty cheap around Albert, Billa and Tesco.

And finally to drinks wherein Prague has a record more beer per capita in the world that makes the brews cheaper.

Visiting Prague around fall is preferred since the temperatures and the prices are somewhat lower than the peak months.

People who speak English can easily survive this place, though it won’t be a bad idea to learn a few common slangs.